Mirqah: noun, An Arabic word meaning the tool of ascendance. The tool that takes you higher and moves you forward. Just like a step on a ladder!


Mirqah educates and develops managers to create better workplaces, organisations and ultimately lives. 

Since its foundation in 2007 Mirqah has been working with businesses, educating and developing managers, through rich, scholarly and relevant learning experiences.

Over the past decade, we’ve worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies helping their managers create empowering workplaces, deliver quality products and services, and run smooth and profitable operations.

We're currently focused on expanding access to our programs, helping more managers better societies and economies, eventually bettering our world.

Mirqah solutions are always:

  • Rich: Rich with emotion, with knowledge, with facts, with passion, or with luxuries.....whichever the source of richness.

  • Scholarly: Well-informed, well-read, and very well-researched. We build upon credible sources of knowledge and aim to give back through making genuine contributions to knowledge.

  • Relevant: Pragmatic and realistic. Relevant to the nature of managers' lives and their problems. Also relevant to the current problems and offering relevant cutting edge solutions 

Mirqah is driven by a firm belief in managers as value creators to their organizations and society at large. We identify three main domains of value creation: (a) improving the quality of lives of the subordinates whom they manage, (b) improving the quality of life of the consumers of products and services they deliver and (c) sustaining the value delivered by running their organizations profitably. All of our solutions target one or more of these domains. Our Management Development Program is a complete developmental roadmap tackling all three domains.

Philosophy / Methodology

Minds behind Mirqah

The minds behind all the makes and breaks. Beware of the mugshots! Executive Fellows are joined by a number of Research Fellows in delivering high impact learning experiences and conducting high quality, mission-oriented research. All our fellows have been educated at a number of prestigious British, American and Japanese Universities
Like a Boss!

Karim Abobakr
Analyze That!

Karim Mehairy



A digital marketing agency that was first established in 2007 by a prominent network of partners that chose to spare no effort in driving the digital marketing communication industry. robusta strives for premium quality while maintaining highest level of customer satisfaction and is constantly pushing the market limits for its customers' best interest.


A world leader in business simulations. Based in Finland, Cesim help educators improve the decision-making skills, business competence and overall employability of participants by engaging them in an interactive and fun online learning environment. All Cesim business management simulation games are built on a powerful, stable and highly scalable online platform, which allows instructors to run their courses from one centralized interface.

Mega Training

KSA based Mega training helps leaders to take innovative decisions and solutions based on the understanding of an organization’s internal and external environment. They have a lasting impact on our clients by understanding their capabilities and growth opportunities in very competitive markets.

Wishful Thinking Fulfilled

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