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Team Kanban Practitioner

Learn how to use the Kanban method to create a production workflow and culture of focus, open communication and efficiency.

Program Overview

Kanban was originally developed by Toyota as a manufacturing technique to organize work and process flow. David Anderson re-envisioned the system as one of the Agile methodologies for software development and knowledge workers in general. Contrary to other Agile Project Management approaches, Kanban adopts lean and agile philosophies within a framework that facilitates the execution and completion of projects championed by knowledge workers. This agile methodology has been successfully used in different fields such as marketing, supply chain, and HR and industries such as software development, professional services, technology, and product development.

  • clock Commitment: Part Time
  • clock Participants: Middle Managers
  • clock Attendees: 15 - 36 Attendees
  • clock Location: Blended Learning

Course Description

Kanban promotes a culture of focus, efficiency, quality and open communication through a set of guiding principles embedded in its practices. Built upon the idea of visualizing work through Kanban boards in order to highlight bottle necks and showcase progress and delays, it also limits the number of tasks that are considered a Work-in-Progress (WIP), to allow focus and ensure consistent progression in the project.

Kanban offers a flexible approach that can be adapted to the needs and actual workflow of the team. This approach highlights development opportunities that promote continuous improvement, allowing teams to apply incremental improvements to their adopted systems.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the principles of Agile philosophy.

  • Understand Kanban as an Agile Approach.

  • Effectively visualize work using simple methods.

  • Adopt a customer focus mindset to allow for phased implementation of products or services.

  • Appreciate the importance and benefits of iterative work and continuous improvement.

  • Learn how to transform your organization and adopt the Kanban methodology.


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