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Management Development Program

Our signature program offers different perspectives while providing an underlying development experience that focuses on the manager’s personal growth. It works on developing and honing managerial skills and knowledge to unlock potential and enable better management of work and teams.

Program Overview

The ideal choice for managers wanting to unlock their true potential.

  •   Commitment Commitment : Part Time
  •   Participants Participants : Experienced Managers
  •   Attendees Attendees : 15 - 36 Attendees
  •   Location Location : Mirqah HQ

Education Revolution

Our signature management development program provides managers with a unique learning journey. The program introduces different perspectives through the modules that all managers need to balance in their day-to-day job while providing an underlying development experience that focuses on the manager’s personal growth. This program is ideal for experienced managers. It works on developing and honing their skills and knowledge to unlock their potential and enable them to better manage work and teams.

The Key Benefits of MDP

  • Acquire

    a holistic view of management and an array of skills, knowledge and abilities to help become more effective at managing work, people and financials.

  • Engage

    in facilitated discussions to explore the nuances of the topics
    discussed and identify how the topics relate to personal experience, organization and work.

  • Interact

    with rich and diverse resources to expand a managerial knowledge base by taking part in class discussions and completing assignments which facilitate the application of knowledge to real life situations and work.

  • Understand

    the complexities of current trends and explore different approaches to management.

  • Strike

    the balance between different aspects of management and provide
    benefits to the stakeholders involved.

Why Choose Program Overview?


Immediate Impact on the Company

The program is designed to offer an immediate impact on the company by supporting managers to discover their full potential. The intensive development throughout the modules enables managers to take the ideas, theories and the solutions they have learned straight into their place of work, whether to improve something that already exists or start something new with a fresh immediate positive impact.


Linking theory with practice

The MDP links theory with practice by recognizing that organisational complexity and uncertainty within a business requires strong leadership and direction. Our Interactive learning aims to provide managers with a better understanding of leadership concepts in relation to the needs of organisations. Participants will improve their leadership and decision-making skills and utilize their leadership values and ethics in a real world context.


Blended Learning Approach

We will support managers in unlocking their full potential by providing intensive development throughout the programme; enabling them to take the ideas, theories and the solutions they have learned straight into their place of work, whether to improve something that already exists or start something new, and make an immediate positive impact.

The Experience

The program has flexibility in how to attend by offering both in-class learning and virtual learning. This blended learning approach harnesses the benefits of learning in a classroom or online in a virtual learning setting, allowing flexibility to be able to attend to day-to-day business matters while receiving a high-quality learning experience.


Learning Experience

The classroom component of the modules is not delivered consecutively, but rather spread out over several weeks. Managers complete readings and assignments before or after each session. We have two methods of delivery to suit the needs of organisations; in-class sessions and connected learning. In-class sessions are geared towards exploring and discussing learning content, sharing experience and real life incidents, and applying the knowledge and topics discussed in regards to current situations and context within the organisation. Connected learning offers the same format online, with six live sessions lasting roughly two and a half hours each.


Grading & Feedback

All assignments are graded individually by the facilitator and then sent to the managers. Additionally, the facilitator provides specific feedback to each participant so they understand how they can improve their assignments moving forward or address any misunderstandings or misinterpreted ideas.


Time Investment

Managers are expected to invest around 10-15 hours per week. This includes in-class sessions, additional reading materials, and assignments.

the experince

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some the most commonly asked questions we receive regarding the Management Development Program. Do not hesitate to contact us if you do not find the answer you are seeking here.

The module design includes course work and considers the managers’ interaction with learning resources. Sessions are spaced out to allow for managers to complete assignments, assigned readings, exercises and case studies before returning for another session and building upon the learning that occurred.
Yes, there is the option to benefit from the MDP in a virtual learning setting. Participants will attend a total of six live sessions with an experienced facilitator, each lasting roughly two and a half hours. Managers will work on their coursework requirements in between the sessions and may be asked to complete pre-session readings or assignments according to each given module design.
The program was designed to ensure participants have a rounded skill set and knowledge so that they are able to deliver value to the organisation. However, we understand that each organisation’s situation is different, our consultants always understand the context and always work closely with you to deliver the learning experience to your managers. The exact modules and their order is something we always consider according to the learners’ existing knowledge, skill and experience as well as the modules’ learning objectives.
While we do not typically customise or tailor the content of the modules themselves (outline, topics covered ...etc.) there is always room for tailoring when it comes to the assignments to ensure the learning is applied in areas relevant to your organisation’s current needs.
Mirqah’s Research and Development team is always working on crafting new learning experiences. Currently, these modules are the ones completed and available for delivery, however we have other modules in development which will be available down the line.
We have found that this timeline serves our clients best, most of the time. The order of the modules may differ according to the current projects, initiative and focus of the organisation, however the pace and the total duration of the program is what we recommend. This is not mandatory and our consultants work with you to determine the best pace, format and dates for the project taking into consideration all the current circumstances of the organisation and participants.

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