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Mindful Leadership Experience

Tune into your self-awareness and use it to build more collaborative and fruitful relationships with your team and wider organisation.

Program Overview

Mirqah’s Leadership Development Programs (LDP) compliment the modules delivered as part of the Manager’s Development Program (MDP) and focus on the managers’ own self development and growth. These programs utilize multiple formats and techniques to allow for introspection, provide eye-opening insights, and outline clear development actions for growth.

  • clock Commitment: Part Time
  • clock Participants: Middle Managers
  • clock Attendees: 15 - 36 Attendees
  • clock Location: Blended Learning

Course Description

Mindfulness has become a key asset for managers while they lead their teams. In an organizational setting, it concerns a sense of awareness over the manager’s own thoughts and behaviors, his/her interactions and relationships with others, the organizational context in which he/she operates, and the personal brand he/she projects.

This journey tackles multiple aspects of mindfulness providing a carefully curated mix of introspection, reflection on past practice, and exercises and knowledge to help managers on their journey. It tackles the different aspects of mindfulness through a variety of tools and techniques drawing upon a diverse body of scientific literature and knowledge. Here is an overview of the 4 milestones of the Mindful Leadership Experience.

Milestones of the Mindful Leadership Experience

  • Self

    The first step towards mindfulness is awareness over one’s own thoughts and emotions. A heightened sense of awareness over one’s self contributes to an individual’s resilience and response to stressors, contributing to their mental wellbeing.

  • Others

    The second step involves an awareness of others’ needs and motivations. It also entails understanding the effect and impact of one’s actions and behaviors on others during interpersonal interactions. This is necessary for thriving in a fast-paced, agile and collaborative environment.

  • Context

    Organizational contexts are complex and dynamic. Navigating organizational life and interactions requires an understanding of the power dynamics and politics of the organization. The ability to influence is becoming increasingly important in the modern workplace.

  • Brand

    Finally, managers should be aware of their style and leadership brand in order to attract the right candidates and exemplify the right behaviors. Leadership brands also provide direction to managers while working on their self development and growth. Personal branding is crucial in a digital world.


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