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Traders Immersion

Learn through gameplay with Traders©. Brush up and master the foundations of financial and accounting literacy while developing your business acumen.

The Kanban Philosophy

This is a game-based course that builds foundational financial and accounting literacy, and develops business acumen to help and support every business decision. The Traders Immersion learning transfer begins and ends with the game-play, and moves beyond to relate the concepts learnt to the employees’ actual business functions across a number of different industries.

  • clock Commitment: Part Time
  • clock Participants: Middle Managers
  • clock Attendees: 15 - 36 Attendees
  • clock Location: Blended Learning

Course Description

Traders© is a board game in which 4 teams of furniture retailers compete in one marketplace. Each of the retailers has inherited the store and some spare cash and they are now charged with fully operating the business. Each turn (month), retailers stock up from the wholesaler, price tag their goods, and sell to individual customers. The team which increases their total wealth the most wins. 


This is a game-based course that utilizes Traders© gameplay to explore, learn and apply concepts. Participants engage over the course of 4 quarters, during which they are responsible for all aspects of the “business”. At the end of each quarter, the facilitator uses a debriefing to reflect upon key topics in finance and business acumen, as well as disseminate the knowledge, practices and models targeted that quarter. The experience concludes with a case study tackling all accumulated knowledge throughout the experience in order to enhance knowledge retention and participants’ understanding.


  • Master the language of business including cash, velocity, and other business drivers.

  • Enhance the ability to decipher financial statements, understand financial ratios, and build financial intelligence.

  • Comprehend the relationships between the different functions of a business and the basics of strategy, then acquire a big-picture view of their business and industry.

  • Utilize basic decision analysis tools and practice several analytical decision-making models.


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