Creating a different kind of workplace

Working Philosophy

We strive to put our hands on the best talents out there, and we usually succeed!  Our working philosophy is simply getting the best minds, putting them in their rights seats and allowing them to naturally bloom with continuous nurturing and development.

Our office is a flexible, energy-buzzing, creative hub for the slightly odd minds! 

If you have what it takes please apply below, otherwise, we'll find you, and we're going to get you!


Available Vacancies

Call for Fellows: Sponsored PhD in Management Program Apply

At Mirqah School of Management we are driven by a firm belief in the impact of research when directed at solving real world problems. We inform our practice through research, aim our work at various organizational problems, and aspire for a notable social contribution through all we do. It is currently one of our priorities to build a cadre of outstanding practitioners of management with a strong foundation in research who will be working on with businesses to educate, empower, and grow their managers.

We are happy to announce the opening of 4 Fellowship positions, with a sponsored PhD in Management program by distance learning at a UK university. Alongside their PhD studies, our fellows will conduct research, design learning solutions, create content, facilitate sessions, and engage in business development with corporate customers.

The research streams we are seeking are: Strategy, Finance, Work Management (Operations, Process and Project Management, Agile Methodologies), and finally Marketing (and/or Product Development and Management).

Job Description

  • Manage and conduct research in their relevant stream
  • Designing various learning experiences for managers at large corporates and high growth SMEs
  • Creating and publishing content relevant to their research interests 
  • Engaging in business development activities
  • Engaging in co-creation-based consulting activities with existing clients. 


  • Master's degree in a Social Science discipline or MBA
  • 7+ years of experience
  • Preferably demonstrates previous published research and/or white papers.
  • Motivated by working towards resolving organizational problems
  • Avid reader, comfortable consuming academic papers and scientific publications
  • Interested in the design of learning experiences
  • Excellent facilitator of learning for others
  • Independent and driven thinkers with a desire to make original contributions to knowledge.

Visiting Fellow Apply

Job Description

  • Deliver intellectual content with outstanding finesse. 
  • Manage learners' expectations and answer all of their questions.
  • Create publishable content for social media channels. 
  • Responsible for minor administrative tasks related to the training sessions.


  • A subject matter expert in one of our research topics. 
  • Holds a masters degree in a Social Science or an MBA. 
  • Passionate and engaging facilitator.
  • Flexible character that flourishes in social interactions dealing with different characters and levels. 
  • 7+ years of work experience in a business field.

Project/Account Executive Apply

Job Description

Manage client accounts and project­based functions as part of the Project Management Office.


  • An outgoing personality that plays well individually and as part of a team. 
  • Responsible and accountable.
  • Meticulous and good observer. 
  • Has project management background. 
  • 1­-3 years of experience.

Marketer Apply

We are looking for an enthusiastic marketer to help us in our marketing efforts.

You will be an integral part of the development and execution of marketing plans targeting business-to-business customers from reach to advocacy.

The person we are looking for is an avid experimenter, competent in written communication, an excellent networker, loves tinkering with technology, supported by a good design sense and a natural diligence.