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Leading with Horses

Get in touch with your intuitive body language and unlock your leadership potential with the help of a few four-legged friends.

Program Overview

The learning experience revolves around a series of activities and exercises that require the human teams to work with horses to achieve their goal. During the activities, the horses may be at liberty or on a lead rope. Participants quickly discover the type of impact their basic motivations and unspoken messages have on those around them, how it can affect their performance, and shape how they are perceived as leaders. Countless invaluable lessons arise through the human-equine connection and are captured and reflected upon in group sessions after the conclusion of each activity.

  • clock Commitment: Part Time
  • clock Participants: Middle Managers
  • clock Attendees: 15 - 36 Attendees
  • clock Location: Blended Learning

Course Description

This course is designed as a journey where participants will go through different phases; beginning with a basic understanding of the horse, then moving on to trust and building relationships. Self exploration and discovery is stimulated and encouraged throughout the journey.


Being able to take care of a horse has been essential for leaders for thousands of years; for kings, wisemen, and generals alike. In fact, the modern word “manage” is derived from “manege”, the French word for horse-riding school. In this course, we take a very old form of leadership development and reinterpret it to suit today’s leaders. Our facilitators reflect on the relationship between participants and horses to apply the latest principles, techniques and practices in leadership. Participants apply what they learnt in subsequent interactions with the horses to see immediate results, while also understanding how this applies within a business environment.

Drawing upon the practices of Equine Assisted Learning, Leading with Horses provides an experiential learning journey that highlights the intricacies and dynamics of relationships on a whole, but particularly the leader-follower relationship. This course capitalizes on the horse’s instant reaction to participants’ communication, whether verbal or non-verbal.

By mirroring a horse’s communication strategies we can become the “better horse”. By accepting a human as his leader, a horse can relax. If he can trust us to protect him, he doesn’t have to be scanning the environment for potential predators. So as with any successful leader-follower relationship, there is a win-win.


  • Building awareness of personal behavioral and affective patterns.

  • Exploring personal leadership style and testing their effectiveness.

  • Recognizing passive, aggressive, and assertive communication patterns.

  • Identifying barriers to effective leader-follower relationships.

  • Establishing healthy leadership principles based on trust and respect.

  • Enhancing executive presence.


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